The region is know in the business community because of our motivated workforce that’s focused on quality, as well as our central location served by an interstate and rail transportation network that stretches in every direction, making it easier for companies to connect with everywhere that’s important.

We have a broad base of industries that do business here; you’ll find companies in all these sectors and more:

Logistics and Transportation

We’re well connected in the heart of the United States, giving distribution centers and warehouse operations fast access to markets throughout North America via immediate interstate and rail access.

Manufacturing and Industry

The region has a long history of making things that America and the world need, and our central location and access to transportation give manufacturers a significant strategic advantage.

Agriculture Products, Food & Beverage

The seven-county region alone produces 13.7 million bushels of wheat, 12.2 million bushels of corn, and 346,000 head of cattle each year.


We’re located in the center of North American consumer markets and central to the 100 auto plants that stretch from Ontario to Michigan to Chihuahua.

Entrepreneurialism and Professional Services

The region has a remarkably vibrant white-collar business community that has created an ongoing need for professional services.


From plastic extrusions to molded and formed components, companies and workers here have long been major contributors to the industry,


The wide-open spaces and skies of our area make us an ideal location for multiple alternative approaches to energy production like wind and solar.

Medical, Technology, and Education

We offer strategic advantages to companies exploring opportunities in medical and technology leadership, starting with an educated and  skilled workforce and a broadband backbone that provides nearly unlimited fiber capacity. Multiple growing universities, colleges, and technical schools are located here. 

Tourism and Recreation

From attractions along the Route 66 Mother Road, to extensive Ozarks outdoor recreation and multiple casino experiences, our area has much to offer residents and travelers alike.