The Joplin Region of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma is located right in the heart of the United States, where Interstates 44 and 49 intersect. In addition to those east-west and north-south transportation arteries, major state highways crisscross our region, giving distribution centers and warehouse operations fast highway access to markets throughout North America. Dozens of intrastate and interstate trucking companies and major overnight package delivery services serve companies in our area.

Rail shippers benefit from the multiple connections and competitive advantages of our area being served by the Kansas City Southern, BNSF Railway, and Union Pacific. The railroads connect with two service-focused regional carriers, the Missouri & Northern Arkansas and the South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroads. We even have fast access to water transportation through Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa.

If you do business by air, you’ll appreciate both scheduled and corporate service (as well as freight) at convenient Joplin Regional Airport. Even more passenger and cargo services are available a short drive away, in Tulsa and Kansas City.