The Joplin Region is more than a great place to work. It’s also the ideal place to make your home. Our communities are full of friendly people who will be happy to tell you what they love about living here.

For many, it’s the climate, which provides a mix of seasons without extreme heat and cold, allowing them to spend more time enjoying outdoor recreation like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, water sports, and much more. For others, it’s the combination of big-city resources with a more comfortable pace of life. Still others like the high-quality schools that give their children practical skills to help them become successful adults.

You’ll find that your housing investment goes a lot farther in the Joplin Region. Whether you want the convenience of living in the city, a place that will let you get away from everything, or something in between, our seven-county region offers plenty of affordable options, including executive communities. And if you want to see other sites, we’re not that far from major cities like Kansas City, Tulsa, and St. Louis, with air travel to take you even farther.