Where Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma meet, you’ll find a group of seven counties with extensive resources and similar attitudes — most of all, a belief in the value of hard work and the importance of businesses to local economies.

This part of the world, the Joplin Region, has become known as the Heart of Work. Ideally located near the geographic and population centers of the continental United States, the region offers an abundance of both intrinsic and man-made benefits to growing companies. Those benefits have combined to create a broad-based economy that has withstood some of the nation’s most challenging times.

That ideal central location became an asset thanks to a well-engineered network of highways and railways that make it easy for raw materials to get here and finished products to get throughout American and the world. A heritage of pioneer farmers created communities full of self-reliant, self-motivated people who value skills and understand the importance of a job well done, along with schools that maintain those values across generations and work closely with employers to keep the economy strong.

And that longstanding heritage is by no means obsolete or old-fashioned. Instead, the Joplin Region has embraced the new connectivity resulting from innovation, and used it to take these many resources to the next level. From cutting-edge technology to alternative energy research, you’ll find tomorrow taking shape in the Heart of Work.